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Thrive Foods Direct is:


Organic, plant-based, whole food meals delivered directly to you...anywhere in the United States.




After many years in the works, here it is. You asked for it, and now I'm delivering...


I'm pleased to say, for years people have told me they feel amazing when following the nutritional principals in the Thrive book series. Many have gotten off medication, lowered cholesterol, reduced body fat, improved sleep quality, cut sugar cravings, dramatically reduced risk of disease, enhanced mental clarity, and boosted athletic performance. That's what I like to hear.


But, the common complaint was: time. There simply isn't enough of it. Our modern lives don't include the hours required to prepare a variety of fresh, nutrient-dense, complete plant-based meals each day. And while the decline in how we feel when not eating this way is significant, most just mask it with sugar and coffee, further placing stress on the adrenal glands and perpetuating the problem. And others simply don't like spending time in the kitchen. I understand. I too live this way. Plus, there's travel, something I've become well versed in over the last several years. So what's the solution? If only someone could do the grocery shopping, prepare nutrient-dense, plant-based meals - exactly as specified in Thrive - and deliver them...Welcome to THRIVE FOODS Direct. Whether you're a hard-core athlete, too busy to cook, or simply want to reap the benefits of complete plant-based nutrition, THRIVE FOODS Direct is your answer.


All dishes are prepared according to the nutritional principals in the Thrive book series: high net gain, alkaline-forming, plant-based, whole food. And always made entirely from fresh, certified organic ingredients. The menu changes frequently - variety is emphasized - for both enjoyment and optimally nutritional benefit.


As you know eating a plant-based diet is the best way to enhance health. And once the base of health has been built, all of life's challenges are easier met. There simply is no better-tasting or easier way to get in the best shape of your life.


Hope you enjoy your enhanced state of living as much as I enjoy mine!


To your ambitions,


Brendan Brazier

how it works

how it works

STEP1: Select your Food!


Choose from one of our available meal plans or place an 'A la Carte' order! Meal plans are weekly deliveries. Fresh made, shipped with FedEx and delivered every Friday (available in 50 states). You have no obligation past the first week, and you have the option of suspending deliveries at any time. 'A la Carte' orders are non-reoccurring stand-alone orders. You pick and choose the meals you want, we hand prepare them for you in our Southern California Kitchen facility, and have them shipped to your door via FedEx within 3 business days. All of our meals are made using fresh organic ingredients, sealed in oxygen reduced treys to preserve freshness, and shipped to your door in refrigerated packaging.


STEP 2: Receive your order! If you ordered a meal plan, you will receive an entire week of meals at once. Please refrigerate the contents of your shipment as quickly as possible! In the majority of cases, all of your meals will fit in one consolidated package.


STEP 3: Enjoy/ and give us your feedback! Follow the simple heating instructions, season to taste, and enjoy freshly prepared, balanced, organic meals conveniently at home, at work, or on the go. As your body acclimates to your new healthy eating habits, let us know who it's going! We will continuously work with you to find a meal plan that is best suited for your current needs and activity level.


*Meal plan holds, cancelations or changes: All of our meals are made fresh to order each week so we ask that changes and cancelations are made by Monday 12:00 noon PST. We give our the flexibility of automatic resume dates for those going out of town, we can ship to an alternate addresses or hotels for a period of time, or just hold deliveries until further notice.





THRIVE FOODS Direct is available on a five or seven-day system, and in three different programs based on your lifestyle needs. All include breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day. There is only a one-week at a time commitment.


After placing your order, you will receive a chilled box to your home, office, or even hotel. Inside, you'll find your meals, prepackaged and vacuum-sealed, for the next five or seven days. They'll need to be put in the refrigerator as soon as possible after arriving. The menu and instructions will also be in the box. Take them to work, on the plane, to sports events and if for whatever reason you don't eat them all during that week, you can always freeze for another time since they are always made fresh.


Since we get our ingredients directly from certified organic farmers, to buy ingredients of equal quality at a retail store and prepare these meals yourself would cost only a few dollar per day less, since we don't have the overhead costs the stores do. And as we grow, our goal is to actually lower the price to the point that the THRIVE FOODS Direct system (meal planning, nutritional balancing, ingredient shopping, preparation, and delivery) is actually the same price or even lower than if you where to make the meal yourself.


• For those who want to improve overall health
• High in fiber, plant-based proteins, fresh/organic vegetables
• Designed to maintain metabolism and other functions
• $28 / day (includes shipping)


• For those whose physical activity level is above average; exercise an hour or more 4 days or more per week
• High in fiber, plant-based proteins, fresh/organic vegetables
• Designed to help build lean muscle & overall fitness
• Includes daily serving of VEGA Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer
• $36 /day (includes shipping)


• Specialized program for athletes in training
• Larger portions/protein levels
• Additional VEGA products added; including new prepare / sustain / recover Vega Sport system
• Individual, customized plans
• Priced per individual


THRIVE FOODS Direct ships to the continental US. Price listed includes shipping and handling.


All meals are prepared in a state-of-the-art kitchen in Marina Del Rey, California.